We believe that mutual trust is fundamental to succeed in our industry. By confiding in each other, we guarantee great results when purchasing property.


On top of that, affordable living is an important goal in all our projects. With a team of skilled professionals we prepare for the challenges of tomorrow.


We strongly believe that in this day and age, integrating new real-estate projects directly into the living environment is of the uttermost importance. And it’s not just about design, size and location, but mainly about maximising the potential in the environment.Some of the other factors that make us the first choice of clients are as follows:

  • Best quality standards
  • Safe and secure packing
  • Wide distribution network
  • On time delivery of consignments
  • Complete customer satisfaction


We have proven track record of successfully completing construction of several Flyovers, Jetties, Bridges, Highways, Roads, Water Treatment Plants, Stadiums, Buildings, Fishing Harbours, Railway Station, Construction of Railway Double line etc.

We stand for quality and reliability of works, timely completion of projects, closest supervision of all sites, best project management, quick response to customer needs and technical support services.

We hold the mark of ISO 9001:2015 Certification.

The owner of thhis company Mr. Anil Kumar Sahoo is a member of the Indian Chamber Of Commerce.


When we discuss strengths, we’re referring to a company’s competitive advantages and distinctive competencies—that is, what the company does really well.

Technique is particularly important when it comes to construction, no matter what type of position a candidate is applying for.

With the ever-evolving technology of construction, it is essential that recruits keep up to date with the latest equipment and methods that those in their respective fields use.


  • Strong employee attitudes with PROACTIVE DEALERS MANAGEMENT
  • Excellent customer service  towards the product
  • Large market share acquisition through our CHANNEL PARTNERS
  • Personal relationships with customers
  • Leadership in product innovation for the future course of action
  • Highly efficient, low-cost manufacturing
  • High integrity of PERFORMANCE